About the Journal
The Environment, Earth and Ecology – the international journal welcomes authors, readers and researchers from all parts of the world.

We have launched a new international journal, mainly (but not only) for the Young Researchers all over the world. We would like to allow for Young Researchers: publication their works at an early stage of their scientific career with ensure of professional publishing processes.

Our goal is to shorten the publishing process – to 8-12 weeks at most. Simultaneously, we shall aim at maintaining high quality of the review process conducive to fast publishing of well-prepared articles.

We encourage submissions on interdisciplinary research, across the natural and life sciences, social sciences and humanities, that contribute towards the solutions to complex environmental problems in different ecosystems.

Coverage extends to all terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, as well as management in soil-crop-animal systems and their impact in ecological, agronomic, environmental and economic terms.

The range of topics includes:
- agronomy;
- cultivation of soils;
- carbon and nitrogen cycles;
- chemistry, physics, faunal and micro-biology of soils;
- forestry;
- ecology;
- zoology;
- botany;
- oceans;
- climate change;
- anthropopression;
- plant production;
- animal production;
- GIS;
- renewable energy;
- energy consumption;
- technical aspects of environmental measurements;
- interdisciplinary works.

Our Journal also welcomes technical works which will be useful for climate protection due to possibility their implementation during agricultural and forestry works.

We hope you will consider our Journal as a place to publish your articles.
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